What we can do

Marnis Organized Mess is into web and graphic design. We may be new on the scene, but we have a professional team composed of experts in the field of digital marketing, web design and graphic designs. We are so passionate about our job and we do the designs in a very engaging manner. We like interactive ones, eye catching and the ones that will absolutely make your business well made to get high conversion rates. When it comes to graphic designs, we strongly know that graphic design is not just about making a website beautiful, we believe that it is more about the use of photos, illustrations, graphs, layouts, charts and other services to communicate well with the audience. When we fix the graphic design of your brand we will also employ organic engagement that is meant to last a lifetime. We may do graphic design, logo designing, multimedia designing and others.

The branding

A sturdy visual brand and technique is essential to any company to last long in the business. The visual brand individuality is so important. Worry no more, because we can help you make an original way to help in defining the identity of your brand in a clear manner. We are into creative designing solutions both for visual and for narration, so you can relay to your viewers the style and the viewpoint of the company. If you want to develop your brand technique, it is essential to hire a company that is very much knowledgeable and concern about the reliability and authenticity of your brand inside and out. Nowadays, it is essential for you to be involved in your community.

The mixture of conventional and modern media is very essential, in fact, this is the key to a good strategic marketing nowadays. If you will use both new and old means to make your brand known, you will be more successful compared to using one method only. This is because the use of the conventional means like TV, movie, newspapers and magazines can boost the awareness of the people for your brand, but with the use of the new technology like social media, your brand will have an extended reach through different platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more.

We have a team to help you about how you will be able to communicate with your target audience in a very effective manner in today’s competitive world. The context brand is no longer available nowadays in a very fast pace life. But in the digital world nowadays, the brands have changed and react quicker than before. Marnis Organized Mess can help you when it comes to communicating efficiently using new media. We will work with you by using the brand context to unleash the key market ideas. We have a deep comprehension and we are well versed in both, so we can easily assist you to get over the struggles. We have assisted a lot of brands, just so they can follow the newest trends nowadays, so we are also confident that we can help you with your needs. The branding will start with the visual foundation for a brand to endorse the background of the company, this will define a brand value and its relevance to the market.

The importance of UI/UX Design

Our goal is to make your web design, user friendly and very useful for your clients. We are not here to make your website beautiful and eye catching, we are here to provide you with the designs that will serve their purpose and that is to optimize your site for every user and to also boost the performance of the platform. A well respected user interface or UI design can help in facilitating a project on hand without illustrating unimportant response to it. Your brand elements might be used to apply the theme or the style that you want to the user interface. Because of this, our designers make brand user interface in an original manner that absolutely signify the software without making the usefulness of a site compromised.

The designing process of the interface should be well stable when it comes to the meaning of the visual elements and the experience of the user or UX of the elements coming from the technical engineering’s point of view. The idea of the UI/UX is to convey a message to the audience in the simplest form possible. The system must be able to speak the language of the user, share concepts easily more than just the technical terms. It must also be able to conform to the need of the world, making the information be as natural as possible.

The development of E-commerce

We have a team of expert in building e-commerce with branding. E-commerce is often used by websites that are into selling and using catalogs. The e-commerce is also best for wholesalers when it comes to giving a direct access to the users when it comes to the prices of the products. There is a new Open source CMS technologies and we have the capacity to service both the wholesalers and the retailers. When it comes to e-commerce, we only emphasize the user experience using different elements for branding. We only use the platforms like WordPress Commerce, Drupal, Open Source Mageneto and others.

The content management

When it comes to content management systems, we are not into vendor lock in and we do not recommend it as well for long term use in terms of web design or even web maintenance. Over the last years, we have aided a lot of firms and institutions when it comes to moving away from the pacifying platforms and we take charge on the website of the company. With that in mind, we concentrate in Open Source platforms, help you from WordPress, Joomla to Drupal and others. We will help you meet your business goals and the regular operations of your site.

In the internet world, you must be able to learn how to compete and you can only do that with a powerful web development system and a professional design.

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